Some of the most popular Body shaping procedures is listed below. Often some surgeries such as breast surgery and liposuction will need to be modified and combined to match patient needs and outcomes.


There can be some body areas left with stubborn pockets of excess fat that just won’t change despite diet or exercise. The surgical liposuction procedure also known as liposculpture or suction-assisted lipectomy helps to remove the excess fat for a well-proportioned figure.
The treatment can be performed on– buttocks, hips, thighs, abdomen/ stomach, chin, upper arms, breasts or knees. 
It is frequently combined with an Abdominoplasty procedure, or Tummy Tuck.
Dr Bijlani uses her artistic leanings for hi-definition liposuction to give a highly athletic look that some men and women desire.

Fat Transfer is a natural solution to restore subtle volume and shape, as well as rejuvenate certain areas of your body. Fat is taken from the body fat by liposuction and transferred to areas of the body where volume is needed.

  • Buttock transfer Fat: Popularly known as the Brazilian Butt Augmentation (BBA) fat grafting in this area gives a natural, subtle curve to the behind through a specialist combination of liposuction and the transfer of fat cells.
  • Breast Transfer: Some women who do not desire implants can consider breast Enlargement with Fat Transfer. Fat Transfer is not recommended if you:
  • Want a significant increase in breast size.
    – Don’t have enough fat to transfer.
    – Require uplift.
    – Are considering having children within the next year.
    – Desire only breast augmentation, without liposuction
  • Fat Transfer to the face:  As we get older the fat content in the face – particularly the mid-face and chin area – loses some volume, causing the skin to draw downwards.  A similar appearance is evident if one loses a significant amount of weight. Volumising the mid-face by transplanting fat a healthier glow and restore and rejuvenate the face.
    Fat Transfer is also an increasingly popular alternative to using fillers for cheeks, lips and forehead
  • Fat Transfer to the hand: With age or sun exposure the skin over the hand thins, exposing underlying anatomy to a greater extent. Dr Bijlani takes special interest in this complex area for Fat Transfer to the hands. 

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Pregnancy, weight loss and the natural ageing process can leave behind excess, sagging skin around the stomach (abdomen) area, which can’t be banished through exercise or non-invasive treatments.
Abdominoplasty is a surgery, which is aimed at giving the abdomen a flatter and leaner appearance.

There are two types of tummy tucks:

Full abdominoplasty – required when patient has excessive fat deposit plus a drop in the underlying muscle and skin layer.
Modified (mini) abdominoplasty – required when a patient has good muscle tone, but there is too much skin and the stomach appears crinkly. 

Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Combination

At times, the problem may not only be excess skin. If this is the case a combined Abdominoplasty and Liposuction procedure is often more effective in achieving a far more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

This is a surgical procedure to remove unwanted fat and excess skin from the upper arms. The upper arms can store fat and appear disproportionately large to the rest of our figure.It can be performed alongside liposuction for the most precise results.

Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty (Eye Bag Removal and Eyelid Surgery)

Eyelid lift surgery or eye bag removal or Blepharoplasty is a procedure to remove excess fat and skin from around the eyes. The treatment is commonly used to correct hooded or drooping eyelids.  As individuals have different needs and wants, the eyelid surgery will always be tailored to you depending on the nature and severity of the excess eyelid skin. Dr Bijlani often combines fat filling procedures to enhance the appearance of under eyes along with upper blepharoplasty

Ear Correction Surgery (Otoplasty )

Otoplasty, also known, as Pinnaplasty or ear reshaping, is a relatively straightforward and simple cosmetic surgery procedure to resize, reshape, reposition and/or hold back the ears.

Earlobe Repair Surgery

Sagging earlobes can be corrected by a reduction to reshape them and make them more proportionate, whereas if they’ve been torn  or the piercing is overstretched then they can be repaired as well.